New Peptide Moisturiser Promotes Pro-Ageing In Your 20s

The beauty and skincare pro-ageing revolution is changing the way the new age consumer, perceives ageing. Fundamentals Skincare is one brand whose inclusive approach to ageing reflects the larger shift within the industry.

Brand Manager Natasha Davel said, “Pro-ageing for us as a skincare brand represents our approach to skin. We have always maintained the perception that imperfect skin is perfect™ and encourage our customers to regard ageing as a positive and natural progression of life. Skincare is not about beauty, it is about wellness, health and self-care.”

We are all aware that ageing cannot be stopped or reversed but it can be slowed down. Slowing down the ageing process should not be perceived as artificial, but rather a process that is taken on for the betterment of your skin and appearance.

“At Fundamentals, and as our name suggests, we are about the fundamental skincare products you need to keep your skin healthy. Scrap the 10-product routines and the overflowing vanities. We suggest starting early with your skincare and only focussing on what your skin needs. Premature ageing is a result of a lacking skincare routine. The first step is knowing your skin type and your skin concerns, and thereafter knowing your actives,” added Davel.

This month Fundamentals Skincare launches its brand new Peptides Cream which is a highly concentrated moisturiser that provides a boost of hydration to the skin targeting signs of early ageing. The story behind this product promotes the pro-ageing revolution, encouraging people in their 20s to be proactive with their skincare early on, allowing your skin to look and feel great for longer.

“This moisturiser is a peptide warrior with 2% Hyaluronic Acid, 1% Copper Tripeptide and 1% Acetyl Hexapeptide that can be used morning and night. One product that does it all, is all you need”, explained Davel.

While noticeable ageing may start in your thirties, premature ageing starts in your 20s. Yes, you read right! That is why skincare is so important. The aim of taking care of your skin and using the correct products for your skin should be to have healthy skin, and feeling confident in your imperfect skin. When you start early, and have a positive approach to your skin, the signs of ageing won’t startle you but will allow to embrace your skin and its natural journey.

Start your pro-ageing journey now and reap the benefits in the years to come. For help in choosing the correct products for your skin take the free online skin consultation. Healthy skin matters.