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Knowing Your Skin Type – Dry Skin

The skin is one of our most important body organs. It is our first defence against the ever changing environment.

When skin becomes dry, it can feel rough and tight, and its ability to function as it should becomes compromised.

Dry skin indicates that the skin’s natural barrier is compromised. When this happens, moisture can evaporate faster.

If your skin is dry, you must try to include the following active ingredients into your skin care routine.

1) Raspberry Extract
Raspberry contains fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 which helps to reduce dryness of the skin, making it look fresh and giving it a glow. It also treats the free radicals and acts beneficially for repairing the damaging cells.
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2) Squalane
Squalane is non-comedogenic, so it can be used by all skin types but those with dry, irritated skin will see the most effect. It works well to seal in moisture naturally which is helpful to disrupted skin barriers.
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3) Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid strengthens the skin’s natural barriers to help lock moisture in for an even more dramatic hydrating effect. Over time, this can help slow down the the deterioration of the lipid barrier and help protect reinforce it.
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Dry skin should not have to hamper your quality of life. The right skin care routine, with the right products is easy to achieve. Contact our customer care team and they will help you help your skin.