Skincare Ingredients

Fundamentals Focus on Squalane

As you get older, your body does not provide itself with enough hydration. This is why many people depend on external moisturisers.

One moisturising ingredient worth taking note of is Squalane. It mimics your skin’s natural oils, making it an excellent emollient. Remarkably, Squalane is also a natural antioxidant.

When applied on the skin Squalane has many benefits.

Boosting hydration can help your skin appear more vibrant and healthy. The antioxidants also fight skin damage and free radicals, which can both accelerate the ageing process.

If you have acne-prone or oily skin, using the wrong skin care products can trigger a breakout or worsen blemishes. Squalane, however, is safe for all skin types.

It’s an excellent alternative if other oils are too heavy or greasy for your skin. Despite being an oil, it’s lightweight and noncomedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores.

It does penetrate pores and improve skin at the cellular level, but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

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