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Multi-Functional Skincare Making Your Life Easier

Multi-Functional Skincare

May 2023, South Africa – Multi-use skincare products that streamline your skincare routine is all the hype in 2023. Natasha Davel from Fundamentals Skincare, a leading local and clean skincare brand – said: “We already love the pared-back approach of skinimalism (that’s skin care + minimalism), and now we’re taking it a step further with multi-purpose products. Simply reduce the bulk of your vanity bag, making everyday life and travel easier. Multi-use skincare can help you save time and space in your routine and still give you healthy, glowing skin.

The first hack you need to know is your actives and their purpose. At Fundamentals, all products are formulated with more than one key active ingredient at high concentrations to ensure you are ticking off more than one box at a time in your skincare routine.

What makes Fundamentals products multi-functional? Fundamentals skincare strives to formulate products using more than one active ingredient saving you money on multi-single use products. Here is a list we have put together for you to help you navigate shopping for multi-use products.
Key actives we love and their functions:

  • Alpha Arbutin is known for treating dark marks and uneven skin tone.
  • Niacinamide assists with managing sebum production and collagen synthesis.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is infamously known for its hydrating benefits.
  • Lactic Acid (part of your AHAs) is the perfect chemical exfoliant aiding in improved skin texture and radiance.
  • Kojic Acid helps to manage uneven skin tone.
  • The gold standard in skincare retinol is responsible for collagen synthesis, managing breakouts and evening your skin tone. It’s also a great anti-ageing agent.
  • Polyglutamic Acid improves moisture binding and retention properties and as a result hydrates the skin.
  • Baobab is a beautiful natural ingredient that hydrates, soothes and reduces inflammation in skincare products.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil hydrates the skin\
  • Aloe Vera is an effective anti-inflammatory ingredient used in skincare to sooth the skin.
  • Ceramides

“Using products that have more than one active ingredient, with a substantial percentage will benefit the skin in more ways than one. At Fundamentals, our 1.75% alpha arbutin serum has been formulated with 3% Hyaluronic Acid and 2% Niacinamide to deliver a powerful product that not only targets dark marks and pigmentation, it will also help with hydration and collagen synthesis. 5% Lactic Acid formulated with 1% Kojic Acid, assists in reducing skin texture and radiance while the 0.3% retinol formulated with 2% Niacinamide and 1% Hyaluronic Acid, which manages breakouts, even your skin tone, plump and hydrate your skin. In toners, the 5% Baobab milk toner will soothe inflammation and hydrate your skin with 5% Jojoba Seed Oil and 5% Aloe Vera. All these products have more than one key ingredient and therefore serve the purpose of two, three and four skincare products,” explained Davel.
Skincare is an oh-so-expansive space. Skincare aficionados and experts reveal that their secret to glowing, healthy skin is using fewer products on your skin while still using the correct actives in your routine.

All multi-purpose products are available on and are highly affordable, quality skincare.